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Noise or Sound Level Monitoring

We provide efficient sound monitoring services to measure the noise pollution levels. We are a team of experienced professionals who render their expert services with the help of technically advanced monitoring and analysis tools. Our services are in compliance with the national standards and regulations. We provide such technical and consultancy services which have salient features of cost effective strategy, eco-friendly and adherence to the timelines.

Process of Noise or Sound Level Monitoring

Noise or sound pollution can be termed as unwanted sound which can break down the health of human beings as well as other living beings. This type of measurement is a process to measure the extent of sound and noise in a particular set up. A sound level pollution is low or high frequency sound that can harm the activity of human life. It can be mainly caused by different industrial machines, vehicles etc. This type of survey is used to verify whether the employees are being exposed to occupational sound levels exceeding the exposure limits. This type of study provides useful information which enables to identify:

  1. ol or space where the employees are likely to get exposed to harmful levels of noise.
  2. Machines or equipment which generate levels of noise which is unhealthy or damaging.
  3. The machinists or workers who might get exposed to intolerable noise levels.

Why Noise or Sound Level Monitoring

At workplaces involving the use of machines, vehicles a lot of occupational noise is created which can be minimized or controlled. The employees faced with such kind of noise pollution have the risk of experiencing health issues such as heart problems, hypertension, sleep disorder and so on. Hence, it becomes necessary to conduct a sound or noise level survey so that some sort of corrective action can be taken. This action may prove to be fruitful to the employees and it may act as a shield to protect them from noise pollution. Decibels is the unit of measurement for different noise levels. Higher decibels indicates louder noise.The sound pollution is measured by noise level meter equipment. It consists of a number of parts such as microphone, pre-amplifier, display system, processor, communication system etc.

Industrial Noise Measurement

In general, industrial noise is produced at every stage of the industrial activity due to different aspects like hammering, blowing, drilling, blowing, running machinery, grinding, fabricating, molding and other aspects. The noise created due to said activities adversely affects the persons working in the industry as well as the residents in surrounding areas. Hence, measurement of the noise and planning action steps to curb the noise pollution becomes important.

Non-Industrial Noise Measurement

Non-industrial sounds consists of the sounds from vehicles. As the population increases in the same way, the number of vehicles on the road is rising. Additionally, the noise from residential areas contributes to the increase in noise pollution. The appliances used in daily life routine such as grinders, air-conditioning systems, Television sets, Music systems etc. , add to the sound pollution.

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