Office Air Quality Testing

Office Air Quality Testing

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Concept of Air Quality Testing at Office

Everyone knows about the rigidity of the pollution levels in the atmosphere. Actually, each person contributes in his own way to reduce the pollution in the air. The people at large are aware about the complex issues arising due to the impurities in the atmosphere. The case is similar when working inside an office. The quality of office air needs to be free from a number of microbes and dust particles that will make the inside air clean. Fresh and clean air is a must for all working inside the office as it boosts good health. The quality of indoor air is a mode of describing the way it can affect a person’s health, comfort and ability to work. Poor quality of air inside the office may lead to adverse issues such as ill health, discomfort at the workplace, lower productivity or poor work life, absenteeism and many other problems. The air inside the office may get polluted due to dust, smoke, volatile chemicals in addition to the insects and mites.

Office Air Quality Testing process

Air quality testing for checking of dust particles and other microbes in the air, is carried with the help of respirable dust sampling. In this method of testing, contaminants present in the air at a given workplace is measured to have a thorough check on the health of the workers.

Testing of the noise level pollution is done to have a good understanding of the readings of noise measurement. For this purpose, sound of machines is checked and if the noise is more than necessary, then safeguard measures are undertaken such as replacement of any part of the machinery for noise reduction, uploading of silencers at the exhaust systems and so on. Similarly, a thorough check about the spreading of hazardous chemicals or smoke in the air is carried out to analyze if the pollution levels are not exceeding the limits.

A couple of steps can be carried out to improve the air quality inside the office, these can be mentioned as below :

  1. Natural air : When the temperature and moisture levels permit, the doors and windows should be kept open to allow the sunlight and the air to enter, that way the air keeps on rotating, keeping the inside atmosphere clean up to a certain level. Keeping a check on the natural ventilation in this way may show an improvement in the quality of indoor air.
  2. Air purifiers : Air purifiers are capable of filtering the contaminants from the air. Though air purifiers capture the particulate matters, activated carbon filters are required to remove gas and chemicals.
  3. Maintenance of the air filters : Cleaning of the air filters is a must do activity, so that the filters prevent the pollutants from being reissued into the air.
  4. Use of plants : There are a couple of indoor plants available in the market, these plants have the capacity to absorb toxins from the air. Also these plants give an aesthetic look to the indoor workspace.
  5. Furniture and other materials : There should be a check on the furniture inside the room including the quality of paints used in the room, as these can attract unwanted particles and chemicals which may cause damage. Old materials and other unwanted things need to be removed from the workspace and the complete area should be kept clean on a regular basis.
  6. Avoiding smoke : Proper safeguard measures should be employed to avoid the entry of outside smoke. Also there should be strict restriction on the smoking habits of employees and the visitors coming to the office, since, the exposure to smoke from cigarettes can harm the health of the workers as they may get infected with issues such as asthma, lung cancer and other issues.
  7. Routine servicing : Regular maintenance and cleaning of the air conditioned systems should be followed. This activity helps in keeping the air inside the office clean and restricts the spreading of contaminants in the air.
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